Internet Throughput

We supply high performance internet on demand via our Tier 1 network partner, giving you the ability to load and experience the internet that meets your business needs.

Multiple Points of Presence

Our Network is built with delivery in mind and ensuring that your business has access to internet connectivity that has lowest contention at the most affordable rate.

Increase Productivity

Cloud adoption and enablement requires customers to be able to interact with their chosen cloud products, not only download. We help you connect to the applications that matter online

Welcome to River Broadband

Internet Service Provider

River Broadband is a Cape Town based company.

Our product was birthed to fill an enterprise class requirement for fiber, where fiber is un-affordable or impractical. Our wireless backbones are built with redundancy in mind, to allow for quick recovery in the event of failure. Network capacity and coverage are added regularly. Our desire for innovation allows us to create custom products and build solutions for modern problems.

Want to know more about River BroadBand?

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About us

River Broadband is a Cape Town based company, which was formed to alleviate the frustration of the last mile. We are a network provider, able to supply both Wireless and Fiber based products, build custom networking solutions using a mix of wireless and wired technologies.

Our offer

  • Wireless fibre replacement for last mile internet access
  • Wireless ADSL replacement for last mile internet access
  • Fibre based internet access
  • Wireless WAN solutions including bespoke Wireless WAN networks, or extensions to existing copper/fibre based networks.
  • Closed campus solutions: CCTV monitoring, VOIP, backup, etc