We have a range of contract options available for the business and home user.

Internet Solutions for Business and Home

River Broadband offers Internet Solutions for the business via fibre and wireless technology. Our Metro Ethernet network is fully QoS enabled and offers the lowest possible latency, ensuring that your Internet experience is exceptional and VoIP calls are of excellent quality.

Home and Business Internet Solutions

Fibre Solutions

We have created our  own Fibre network, ensuring our guaranteed 99% uptime and premium Internet experience. Fibre is an ideal Internet Solution for businesses that regularly send and receive large files, make use of Internet Cloud based solutions or rely on fast Internet.  So we use Fibre for most of our Metro Ethernet network’s back-haul.

Wireless Solutions

Our Wireless Internet packages are ideal for businesses looking for a quality, rapidly deployed Internet Connection. With have a dedicated service team to help ensure a 99% uptime, you don’t have to worry about downtime affecting your business. The beauty of wireless is its unique fail-over capabilities. Within milliseconds we can reroute your link seamlessly.

We provide you true Last Mile Connectivity and guaranteed 99% up-time. Our independence affords us the flexibility to offer solutions which expand with your business.