Wireless Internet

What is Wireless Internet?

Wireless internet provides connectivity using microwave frequencies, rather than the usual cable connections. When using a wireless link, no telephone line is required, and devices can easily connect to the internet and move around within the coverage area.

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Business Fibre

Why Business Fibre?

When your systems run on a fibre network, it ensures high levels of uptime and premium internet experience. Fibre enables your businesses to regularly send and receive large files and use Cloud-based solutions. Our fibre backhaul means that we provide stable and highly available fibre internet connection to your business.

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Why Should I drop my landline for a VoIP solution?

  • Reduced charges for local and long-distance calls
  • A single network for both voice and data, making management easier
  • The ability to take your phone features with you whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the road
  • Monthly billing options – prepaid or post-paid
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river broadband is a cape town based company

Our Story

River Broadband is a
Cape Town based company

Our product was birthed to fill an enterprise class requirement for fibre, where fibre is impractical. Our wireless backbones are built with redundancy in mind, to allow for quick recovery in the event of failure. Network capacity and coverage are added regularly. Our desire for innovation allows us to create custom products and build solutions for modern problems.

Our Network is built with delivery in mind and ensuring that your business has access to internet connectivity that has lowest contention at the most affordable rate. Cloud adoption and enablement requires customers to be able to interact with their chosen cloud products, not only download. We help you connect to the applications that matter online.

About us

We are a Cape Town based company, which was formed to alleviate the frustration of the last mile. We are a network provider, able to supply both Wireless and Fibre based products, build custom networking solutions using a mix of wireless and wired technologies.

  • Wireless internet for business and home
  • Business Fibre Internet
  • VoIP Solutions
  • CCTV Installs and Configuration
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