Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet Solutions

Whether you’re a home or business user, you need a reliable, rapidly deployed internet connection. We have a dedicated support team who will ensure that your connection is stable, with fail-over capabilities in place should something go wrong. We also have several backup links to enable high levels of uptime.

Our independence affords us the flexibility to offer customised solutions, allowing you to change things up as your needs change.

Wireless Home

River Broadband brings the power of business grade internet to home users. Leveraging our current High Sites and infrastructure, we deliver superior service to our home clients at an affordable rate.

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Wireless Business

Businesses can’t afford downtime. We offer a powerful, fully managed internet experience to our business users. With customisable SLA contracts and various speed options, you can choose the package best suited to your unique needs.

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Business Fibre Solutions

Our systems run on a fibre network, ensuring high levels of uptime and a premium internet experience. Fibre enables businesses to send and receive large files and use cloud-based solutions without any trouble.

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Voip Solutions

All the benefits of a big PBX, without owning one.

Voip Home

With a Cloud PBX you can make calls using your internet connection. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Reduced charges for local and long-distance calls
  • A single network for both voice and data, which makes management easier
  • The ability to take your phone features with you everywhere you go
  • Monthly billing options – prepaid or post-paid
  • Voicemail

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VoIP Business:

It no longer makes sense to buy a dedicated PBX hardware that is costly to maintain, tough to modify and lacks the flexibility, scalability and advanced features that hosted telephony can deliver.

With a reliable broadband internet connection, we offer all the features and benefits of a traditional PBX, with less hassle and cost. With a River Broadband wireless or fibre link, you can reserve a portion of your link for voice only, ensuring quality of service. All you need is a VoIP hand-set, a mobile phone app or laptop and you can make and receive calls from any location.

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CCTV Solutions

River Broadband offers customised CCTV installation and configuration. Keep your premises secure with IP cameras deployed around your office. These provide live feeds that can be viewed remotely via the internet. These feeds are also recorded to a local hard drive for offline review.

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